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ASSIC - Austrian Smart Systems Integration Research Center

The focus of the research activities of ASSIC Austrian Smart Systems Integration Research Center is on intelligent system integration based on micro- and nanotechnologies. With its research activities, ASSIC offers well-founded system knowledge about components, technologies, materials, assembly and connection technologies.



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Systematic research

As a COMET K1 Centre, ASSIC is one of Austria's selected Centre of Excellence. The research focus is on micro- and nanotechnologies and their system integration.

ASSIC's research strengthens companies to develop intelligent and marketable products and thus create sustainable and secure jobs.

Austria and especially Villach region occupy an important position on the European microelectronics map. With the research focus of ASSIC, we have the responsibility to expand this position.

Micro- and nanotechnologies will continue their way worldwide. Austria is involved with ASSIC and "Smart System Integration".

ASSIC Austrian Smart Systems Integration Research Center
operated by SAL Europastraße 12
9524 Villach, Austria

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