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The ASSIC consortium comprises innovative and future-oriented companies. It forms a balanced mix of small and large companies that spans over the entire value chain.


ASSIC brings together leading Austrian industrial partners and research institutes with excellent international partners along the technological value chain and generates a culture of cooperation and “Open Innovation". The high-calibre consortium guarantees outstanding research on the one hand, and on the other R&D results with equally high relevance to practice for next-generation products and processes.

ASSIC Industry Partners


Information from the ASSIC coordinator:
Companies and organizations are subject to extensive antitrust rules. They have to assess self-reliantly whether they are complying with the antitrust law. Meetings of the ASSIC Strategy Board are not intended to deal with topics that are contrary to antitrust law or to create or promote opportunities for agreements or decisions that are contrary to the antitrust law. The ASSIC coordination will not tolerate behavior contrary to antitrust law.