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Smart System Integration

Integrated micro and nanosystems are the "heart" of many smart products. Their development and implementation depend on the strategic research we are starting today. Austria is part of it with ASSIC.

System Knowledge

The competence of ASSIC lies in the research, development and integration of micro- and nanoelectronic components into intelligent sensor systems.


Our society is facing major issues for the future, such as energy supply, environmental protection, health and mobility. Research, technology and the effective implementation of innovations can provide valuable contributions to these challenges. In particular, micro- and nanotechnologies as so-called Key Enabling Technologies (KETs) are of great importance.

Microcomponents and their intelligent integration into products and processes play an important role in this context, as they enable more functional, safer and more precise solutions - in medicine, in analytics, in process or mobility issues.

The location Austria and in particular the region Villach, occupy a visible position in the European microelectronics map. We are responsible for expanding this position, by intensifying research within ASSIC and by supporting companies to develop marketable products and therefore create sustainable and secure jobs.

The micro- and nanotechnology will continue on its path worldwide.

Austria is part of it with ASSIC and the “Intelligent System Integration”.

three research areas

In line with the mission of the ASSIC Center of Excellence - "Bringing Technologies into Application" - the research priorities have been chosen accordingly:

  • Microsystem Technologies
  • Heterogeneous Integration Technologies
  • Intelligent System Solutions