Starting point for innovationASSIC


The heterogeneous integration combines all components for sensor technology, electronics, data processing, wireless communication and power supply into one microsystem. The aim here is to find the optimal combination of technologies, materials and functions and to let them perform together perfectly.

System knowledge

The aim is to find the optimum combination from the multitude of technologies, materials and functions. System knowledge is in demand beyond the specialist area or even the industry. ASSIC is the competence platform for system integration.


Packaging and integration technology play a key role in future products and especially in Smart Sensor Systems. It determines to a large extend the functionality, the quality and the cost-effectiveness of electronic systems. In addition, its importance will continue to grow in the future due to increasing requirements and the extended integration of micro- and nanoelectronics into everyday products. In many sensor and system developments, “packaging” plays a critical role for the performance of the entire system. Due to its role as a "linking" technology between nano, micro and macro worlds, this research area is an indispensable component on the path to product development.

fields of research

Strategic research deals in particular with the subject of rapid prototyping. The goal is the development of new manufacturing technologies (e.g. based on pressure) and the reduction of development times due to the elimination of highly complex semiconductor processes. The infrastructure with clean rooms intended for this purpose, provides an essential basis for the research. The planned research activities are structured according to three main research areas:

  • Functional connection technologies
  • Packaging and integration technologies
  • Heterogeneous integration concepts

research projects

ASSIC carries out the following projects in this research area:

  1. Waferlevel Packages
  2. System in Package
  3. Multifunctional Integrated Systems
  4. Harsh Environment Sensors
  5. Advanced Packaging Technologies