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The requirements have become more complex, the sensors more intelligent. In order to bring meaningful intelligence into the entire system and into the application, knowledge beyond a specific area or even the industry is required. The ASSIC team fulfils this task.


The ASSIC team conducts interdisciplinary research from design to application, thus creating a bridge between technology, system thinking and innovation.


The design, the manufacture and the packaging of a microchip, respectively of a micromodule, are only one component of an integrated system. A typical system usually requires a multitude of different active and/or passive components in order to perform its desired functions.

It is about using and applying the properties of materials, components and/or processes in an innovative manner, in order to achieve better performance and/or new functions. System integration includes the overall development, the integration of different technologies, the packaging as well as the associated interfaces to the environment and the adaptation to their respective application.

fields of research

The area of "Intelligent System Solutions" follows an application-oriented approach. The research focus is divided into integrated application systems and into tools and methods needed for the development of such systems. The following focus areas are defined:

  • Integrated micro-photonic systems
  • Adaptable spectroscopic systems
  • Advanced system integration methods

research projects

ASSIC Projects in the research area of Smart Systems Solutions:

  1. Smart Sensor Systems for Micro- and Nano-sized Contaminants
  2. Smart Sensor Systems for Food and Kitchen Appliances
  3. Smart Sensor Systems for Industrial Process Analytics and Process Control
  4. Smart Sensor Systems for Energy Storage and Energy Distribution Systems
  5. Smart Sensor Systems of the Future