Ihr Startpunkt für InnovationASSIC

COMET - Competence Centers for Excellent Technologies

Das COMET Programm steht für Spitzenforschung in Österreich und stärkt die Kooperation zwischen Wissenschaft und Wirtschaft.

Zentrum mit Geschichte

Die CTR wurde 1998 als erstes Kplus-Zentrum Österreichs ins Programm aufgenommen. Bis 2014 war die CTR als COMET K1-Zentrum positioniert. Mit dem neuen COMET K1 Zentrum ASSIC, getragen durch SAL GmbH (ehemals CTR AG), findet der Exzellenzstatus seine Fortsetzung.

ASSIC K1-Kompetenzzentrum

Das K1 Kompetenzzentrum ASSIC wird im Rahmen von COMET – Competence Centers for Excellent Technologies durch BMK, BMDW, sowie den Ländern Kärnten und Steiermark gefördert. Das COMET Programm wird durch die FFG abgewickelt.

Rechtsträger von ASSIC ist SAL Silicon Austria Labs GmbH.

programm & Fördergeber     

COMET Competence Centers for Excellent Technologies

The strategic objectives of COMET are: developing new expertise by initiating and supporting long-term research cooperations between science and industry in top-level research, and establishing and securing the technological leadership of companies. By advancing and bundling existing strengths and by integrating international research expertise Austria is to be strengthened as a research location for the long term.

BMK  Federal Ministry for Climate Action, environment, energy, mobility, Innovation and Technology

The Federal Ministry for Climate Action, Environment, Energy, Mobility, Innovation and Technology (BMK) develops the right conditions for areas of vital importance to our country. The optimising of infrastructure such as railways, roads, waterways, air transport and telecommunications, and its technical and operational safety, is a factor which significantly determines our quality of life. Innovation and technology pave the way to future developments.

BMDW  Federal Ministry of Digital and Economic affairs 

The Federal Ministry of Digital and Economic affairs (BMDW) creates the best possible framework for enterprises and represents at international levels the interests of Austria as a business location. One of the main objectives is to accelerate structural change by actively supporting research, technology and innovation.


FFG Austrian Research Promotion agency

The Austrian Research Promotion Agency  is reponsible for the promotion of research, development and innovation in industry and economy. The FFG promotes ASSIC via its COMET programme (Competence Centers for Excellent Technologies).


Carinthian Provincial Government Technology & Economy

The Carinthian Government supports research, innovation and technology by taking an active funding part in the COMET programme.



Styrian provicial Government economic affairs and innovation

Within the Styrian Government the department for Economic Affairs and Innovation of the Styrian Government is in charge of the COMET programme.



KWF  Kärntner Wirschaftsförderungs Fonds 

The KWF is the conducting organisation of the Carinthian government and partner of the FFG within the COMET programme and promotes ASSIC as a public funding institution.


SFG Styrian Business Promotion Agency

The Styrian Business Promotion Agency is the promoting organisation of the Styrian government and partner of the FFG within the COMET programme and promotes ASSIC as a public funding institution.